About society

Society mission

Increasing an efficiency and stability of business in Russia through decrease risks.

Society purpose

Formation of the civilized market of risk management services, corresponding to modern world level in Russia.

Society tasks

Creation of national standards in the field of risk management in various branches of economy.

Assistance to formation of the state policy and to creation a modern and comprehensive legal base in the field of risk management in Russia.

Creation of training system, professional development and certification of risk management experts in Russia, formation and maintenance of the professional status of risk management experts, maintaining an experts register in this area.

Assistance to development and introduction of risks control systems at the enterprises and organizating and improvement of the risks control quality systems.

Assistance to decrease dangers of ecological, technogenic and other catastrophic events, to effective elimination of their economic and social consequences in Russia and in the world.

Creation a system of wide access to fundamental and latest information in the risk management field and a system of effective distribution of such information in Russia.

Society main activities

Risk management promoting in Russia by mass media and Internet resources, the organization of national and international conferences, exhibitions, seminars, symposiums, competitions and other actions, the edition of books, textbooks, periodicals in risk management.

The market researches concerning risk management in various sectors of the Russian economy and in various regions of Russia.

Attraction and distribution of financial, intellectual and organizational resources for creation and implementation of projects and programs in the risk management field.

Development a cooperation with the Russian, foreign and international organizations and associations in the risk management field.

Studying, analysing and distribution of the Russian and foreign experience in risk management areas, assistance to scientific and research activity in risk management, including the organization of financing of scientific development.

Participation in development, expert assessment and implementation of acts, others federal and regional programs, programs of the ministries and departments on risk management and insurance development , other documents in the field of ecology, industry, finance, and also in other scopes of risk management.

Activities for creation, development, distribution and introduction of advanced technologies in the field of risk management.

Creation of databases and other information systems, development, introduction and distribution of the IT technologies promoting overall performance in the risk management field.

Creation powerful Internet resource in risk management

Consulting activity in the field of risk management.