Member Bulletin - May 2020



Member Bulletin                                                            27 May 2020

1- Ferma welcomes a new member: H.A.RI.MA., first Risk Manager association in Greece 

FERMA has accepted a new member: the Hellenic Association of Risk Managers (HARIMA). This brings FERMA’s membership to a total of 22 national risk management associations in 21 European countries. H.A.RI.MA. was founded in December 2019. It currently has 30 risk managers. H.A.RI.MA. aspires to become the collective body of all Risk Management executives, irrespective of industry and employment specialty in Risk Management. The association will:

·         support the risk managers in Greece, highlighting and upgrading their role by providing information, training and links to international organizations, as well as holding discussion with government and also with other relevant organizations.

·         contribute to more effective risk management by the market, by conducting research on the level of preparedness and response of organizations, to risk issues.

Read our interview with the the President, Mr. Nikolas Gouzelos


Скругленный прямоугольник: Contact person: Laetitia Fung


2- FERMA General Assembly on 23 June: time to register

Due to the COVID19 lockdown and travel bans across Europe, FERMA General Assembly will take place in two stages:

·         From 10h00 – 12h30 CET: an Informal Members’ Meeting via video conference will be held during which the agenda items of the General Assembly will be presented, discussed and deliberated upon.

·         From 14h00 – 16h00 CET: a physical General Assembly will take place in FERMA office in Brussels with minimum 2 members present to take the required decisions in line with the results of the vote that took place during the informal members’ meeting.

Please confirm your participation by 5 June by sending back the registration form to Véronique.

This year, six seats on the FERMA Board of Directors will be up for election. Five current members are seeking re-election. They are Philippe Cotelle, Tapio Huovinen, Gaëtan Lefèvre, Xavier Mutzig and Laurent Nihoul. One member, Anders Esbjornsson, is resigning to embrace a new career path outside the risk management world. Please find below the call for candidates as well as the application form. The deadline for nominations is 31 May 2020.

·         Call for candidates FERMA Board

·         Application form FERMA board membership


Скругленный прямоугольник: Contact person: Véronique De Hertogh

3- Covid-19: activity updates 

To keep you up to date with the latest developments as regards the COVID-19, we will include a COVID-19 monitoring report as part of the monthly Member Bulletin. This report. This report is intended to provide a high-level summary of ongoing initiatives at EU level to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus crisis and a brief description of national lockdown and recovery measures in each member state. The objective is to develop a comprehensive document that will consolidate the enormous breadth of information related to EU recovery and resilience. Although the document will be re-shared each month, it is intended to be a collaborative project: FERMA will contribute with EU-level updates while members are invited to share news from their respective states. Detailed contributor guidelines can be found on the first page of the document, along with a Table of Contents that has been hyperlinked to each section heading.

Click here to access the document listing the last EU actions and Member States news


Скругленный прямоугольник: Contact person: Typhaine Beaupérin


FERMA has urged the European Commission to develop a financial Resilience Framework for Catastrophic Risks (RFCR) to respond to the severe shortage of insurance for non-damage business interruption losses.  In a letter to the Commission accompanied by a position paper, FERMA says this should be a public-private partnership that draws on:

·         the capabilities of companies to manage their exposures

·         the expertise of the (re)insurance industry

·         funding through national pools and

·         support and coordination for Member States from the EU


Скругленный прямоугольник: Contact person: Typhaine Beaupérin

After our series of Covid-19 webinars, we started to gather short written testimonials of leading risk managers. The objective is to share their experience to strenghten the network of our European Risk Management Community. This week we start with:

·         Franck Baron, President of PARIMA (Risk Managers Community in Asia Pacific) and Group Deputy Director Risk Management & Insurance at International SOS

·         Gaetan Lefèvre, Group Risk, Insurance & Ethics Manager at John Cockerill Group, FERMA Board Member and VP of BELRIM (Belgian risk management association)

Click here to read the short interviews


Скругленный прямоугольник: Contact person: Laetitia Fung


The next Covid -19 virtual roundtable for national associations will be held on Tuesday 30 June from 16h00 – 17h00 CET. The focus will be on the sharing of experience related to the organization of virtual events. Details to join the meeting will be communicated later this week.  


Скругленный прямоугольник: Contact person: Laetitia Fung

FERMA is continuing to collect information and resources for risk managers through our  dedicated Covid-19 Information Hub: click here. You can find institutional documentation, press, business and other useful links. We invite you to continuously send us useful content (articles, interviews, testimonials, videos, links) for sharing good practices within our European risk management community. 


Скругленный прямоугольник: Contact person: Laetitia Fung


4- Feedback to the European Commission Roadmap on GDPR

On April 28th, FERMA shared its thoughts on the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and feedback on the roadmap documentReport on the application of the General Data Protection RegulationFERMA encourages the Commission to consider a wider scope of the report and emphasises the role played by corporate governance and the use of corporate risk management methodologies to shift corporate culture towards data protection. The European Commission is expected to publish its evaluation report on the application of the GDPR on 10 June. 

·         Please find our feedback here.

·         FERMA report GDPR and Corporate Governance: The role of Internal Audit and Risk Management one year after implementation November 2019.


Скругленный прямоугольник: Contact person: Martin Sas

5- Webinar replay: Why risk managers should look at Artificial Intelligence now? 

Please click here to access the replay and presentation on our website. 


Скругленный прямоугольник: Contact person: Laetitia Fung

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