5th annual conference the "Insurance broker is a basic link of insurance market


5th annual conference the "Insurance broker is a basic link of insurance market" organized by Association of Professional Insurance Brokers (APIB), was held on December 5, 2014 in Moscow.

Various themes of modern state of affairs in the insurance industry were affected in the presentations and performances of the representatives of public, insurance association authorities, experts and specialists in insurance: J.Bugaev (Chairman of the Board of APIB), P. Samiev (CEO of the Rating agency "Expert RA"), I.Zhuk (Director of Department of the insurance markets in CB of RF), A.Laykov (CEO of LLC "The Insurance broker of "RIFAMS"), V. Vereshchagin (President of Noncommercial partnership " Russian risk management society "), Ella Platonova (President of NP "National Insurance Guildia"), Bogachev Andrey (President of the National Association of Insurance adjusters), A. Tsyganov (Head of the department "Insurance" from the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation), Mikhail Romanov (the Auditing firm "Classics-audit"), Rybakov (Director of Risk Management and Reinsurance LLC «Insurance broker" RIFAMS "), Melnikova (Deputy Chairman of the IPC(Insurance public Corporation) "NIG"), A. Tsekalo (СEO of LLC "The Rock - Insurance Brokers"), T. Robulets (CEO of LLC"Modern insurance technologies"), A. Harin (CEO of LLC "insurance and reinsurance broker"PICC ") and other participants of the event.

The conference traditionally became a platform for an exchange of views between the representatives of the supervisory authorities on the one hand and the insurance community on the other, and also between the various segments of the insurance intermediation. It’s worth noting, that participants of the conference expressed concern of possible toughening of the insurance legislation requirements to insurance brokers and other participants of insurance business, urged all members of insurance community to consolidate their interests and goals, to develop joint proposals and comments of the insurance legislation improvement in the interests of insurance of our country.

At the end of the Conference Chairman of the board of (APIB) J. Bugaev emphasized the need of development of a common position on the results of the discussions to the participants, which will be the basis of interaction of (APIB) with regulators and supervisors, with the all insurance community as a whole.

To this event showed the interest not only representatives of the insurance sphere, but also other participants of the Russian financial market segments, which, undoubtedly, is a positive trend in the development of a possible cooperation and coordination between them in the ligt of amendments in the Federal Law "The organization of insurance business in the Russian Federation ", other legal acts, including the regulations of the Bank of Russia.

The Association is grateful to all who participated and supported the preparation and holding of the Conference. Special gratitude the organizers expressed to the Financial University under the Government of RF, ARIA,NIG and other associations of professional participants of the insurance business, as well as the partner of the conference - JSC "Marsh - Insurance Brokers".

A number of organizations and associations, which have been unable to take part in the deliberations of the Conference, expressed their support for its work. The wishes were sent and expressed to the Conference by I. Jurgens (President of the All-Russian Insurance Association), A. Kashevarov (Deputy Head of FAS Russia), V. Balakireva (Deputy Director of Financial Policy Department of the RF Ministry of Finance), A. Skotin (Advisor of department of interaction with supervisors and the private sector Rosfinmonitoring), A. Koval (Chairman of the Expert Council of the State Duma Committee), K. Pylov (President of the National Association of Mutual Insurance Society), L. Klochenko (Partner of LLC "Law Firm AKP Consulting"), and others.

All participants of the 5th traditional APIB Conference appeal to all interested companies, associations and representatives of insurance relations to support and take part in the next, the second annual conference organized by the Association of Professional Insurance Brokers in December 2015.

More detailed information about the results of the Conference, including the speaker presentations, is available at www.insurancebroker.ru.

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