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Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA)

Newsletter N°64

 March 2015


Forum 2015 - just over six months to go



The FERMA Forum 2015 moves ever closer. The Forum website is now open at http://www.ferma.eu/ferma-forum-2015/, the programme is taking shape and online registration will start any day.

Highlights of the programme so far 

  • Welcome reception on Sunday (4 October) from 18.00 to 20.00 at a special venue not to be disclosed until May;
  • Generali CEO Mario Greco will be the opening keynote speaker;
  • There will be risk managers only roundtable sessions over lunch on Monday (5 October). Such sessions were very successful at the Seminar in Brussels in 2014;
  • A presidential style debate for high ranking industry leaders will take place on Tuesday (6 October): this was very popular at the Maastricht Forum in 2013;
  • Since we are in Venice, host association ANRA will present a keynote session on Monday afternoon on the ambitious MOSE project to protect the city and the Venetian Lagoon from flooding;
  • Students will have a special programme;
  • Monday and Tuesday sessions will close with a FERMA cocktail reception.

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Certification enters the testing phase


FERMA's plans for European Certification of Risk Managers have moved forward to a testing phase for the application and examination process by volunteers and the finalisation of the first set of exam questions. The project is on track for a launch during the FERMA Forum on 4-7 October.



Michel Dennery

Over the last few months, the Certification Steering Committee, led by Vice President Michel Dennery, has done extensive work to capture the reasons for a Certification programme and get the full endorsement of all national association members of FERMA. On 12 March, the steering committee held a conference call to discuss some new key elements of the project with national associations and others representing the European risk management community. The call gave the steering committee confidence that national associations are fully supportive and will help draw the project to a successful conclusion.


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Tributes to Edwin V Meyer




Tributes flowed into FERMA following the unexpected death of FERMA Board member and Secretary General Edwin V Meyer on 7 February.

FERMA offered friends and colleagues the opportunity to express their thoughts via LinkedIn and on the FERMA website. Other condolences came direct.



Edwin V Meyer


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Top insurer will be opening keynote at FERMA Forum


Mario Greco

One of Europe's leading insurance personalities is to be the opening keynote speaker at the 2015 FERMA Forum. He is Mario Greco, CEO of the Forum's diamond sponsor Generali Group.

Generali is one of the largest insurance companies in the world. Its headquarters are in Trieste where it was founded in 1831 but it has had a strong presence in Venice from its earliest years. Venice's symbol, the Lion of St. Mark, is actually Generali's trademark. The company operates in more than 60 countries occupying a leadership position in West European markets and an increasingly important place in markets in Central Eastern Europe and Asia.



From the President


Julia Graham.

Diversity is one of the key issues for my term as FERMA President. The theme for International Women's Day on the 8 March this year was "Make it happen" - which echos what we aim to achieve at FERMA in 2015.

Gender diversity for FERMA is about recognising and celebrating the differences between men and women, working out how businesses can be encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities these differences present and, for FERMA, doing what we can to reduce the gender gap. It is also about how women can be encouraged to hunt out opportunities and rise to the challenge. Gender diversity is not about ironing out the different characteristics and qualities of gender.



Diversity in the Risk Professions: everyone's career is different 


Marie Gemma Dequae

Everyone's career is different, says former FERMA and BELRIM President Marie-Gemma Dequae. Marie has combined a successful career as an academic, risk manager, wife and mother with four children, and now non-executive director. "You have to consider where you come from, where you are and where you want to be in 5 to 10 years' time. Do not look only inside your existing work environment, but into the broader world. There are lots of opportunities out there!".


Here are her tips for women in the risk professions. 


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Diversity in the risk professions - a view from France


23rd Rencontres of AMRAE


Visitors to the 23rd Rencontres of AMRAE in February could have left Cannes with the impression that women have a huge presence in France's risk management and insurance sectors.

Women composed a large share of participants in the event's sessions and workshops, as well as among the executives, advisers and sales personnel hosting the exhibitors' stalls, set up by the insurance industry.


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Letter from Brussels



Florence Bindelle

The last month was a difficult time for FERMA. We have all been very affected by the sudden loss of our Secretary General Edwin V Meyer. All the board and the risk community shared their sympathy in these sad moments. Edwin initiated and was leading major projects such as international programmes and the technical content of the FERMA Forum 2015, in addition to his prominent new role as secretary general. FERMA has moved forward with the reassignment of his major tasks. At the same time, in many meetings his presence and spirit still drive our actions and remind us of the direction we should take.

Our activities are continuing, and we address warm thanks to the 2015 Forum committee and the partners who are working hard to make the conference in Venice a unique professional event for you all. As an example, we have developed a joint communication and marketing plan with our partners and members to enlarge the scope of outreach to our target segments. On the technical side, during the Forum, manifestos will be presented on the four main issues that interest risk managers. Volunteers from our national associations are engaged in our working groups.


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A duty of care

FERMA proposes to publish a white paper providing the European risk managers' perspective on the management of safety, health and security risks for work-related international travel and assignments. The paper, which would be prepared in cooperation with the International SOS Foundation and the EU Occupation Safety and Health Agency (EU-OHSA) will provide information and guidance on organisations' duty of care for their workers on cross-border assignments.

Duty of care is the moral and legal responsibility of organisations to their workers, contractors, volunteers and others such as family members, especially when they are on international assignments or in remote areas of their own country. Businesses need to manage those responsibilities and ensure the health and safety of those workers through a proper travel risk management policy.



European affairs : Solvency II and the treatment of third country jurisdictions


Because insurance is a global industry, the Solvency II regime (entering into force on 1 January 2016) includes some provisions regarding the recognition of third country jurisdictions as offering an equivalent level of supervision. For FERMA, an equivalence decision means an easier access to insurance capacities.

The process leading to the Solvency II equivalence of the insurance supervisory system of a third country jurisdiction is conducted by the European Commission in cooperation with EIOPA, the European insurance supervisor.


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European affairs : Cyber insurance market: incentives and improved cybersecurity for organisations

French and British initiatives are taking the role of insurance for cyber risks into account in their national strategy for cybersecurity.

In June 2014, the UK Government launched a joint initiative with some major British insurers to increase the level of IT security in UK companies. Called the Cyber Essentials scheme, it is based on certificates and will ensure that certified organisations have a certain amount of security measures in place. Cyber Essentials has been developed in close consultation with the insurance industry and is backed by AIG, Marsh, Swiss Re, the British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA) and the International Underwriting Association (IUA).

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Expert views : Global Programmes


Günter Dröse

Günter Dröse, Chairman of the European Captive Insurance and Reinsurance Owners' Association (ECIROA), answered some questions from FERMA about ECIROA's initiative on the insurance supervision of global programmes.


What aspects of global programmes does ECIROA want the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) to look at?
Our intention is to present the community of local supervisors, organised in IAIS, with facts that show that neither insurers, brokers nor insured corporations or supervisors can behave in a compliant manner with the accounting, tax and insurance regulation requirements in all jurisdictions. In this insurance market, all participants need to acknowledge that a change and adjustment in the regulatory area (or better, battle field?) is necessary.

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New appointment for FERMA President Julia Graham

FERMA President Julia Graham is taking up a new risk management role. From 1 May she will become Technical Director of its UK member association Airmic. Until 31 October, she will be making a transition to this new job from her demanding role as Director of Risk Management and Insurance for her current employer DLA Piper, including retaining her non-executive directorships on Guernsey-based captives, including DLA Piper's.

Julia will continue as President of FERMA until the conclusion of her term on 7 October at the FERMA Forum and then as a FERMA board member until the next general assembly of FERMA in June 2016..


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Knowledge Corner


Here is FERMA's selection of recently published useful reports for risk managers.  

  • Disaster Risks and Climate Change
    Climate Change's Role in Disaster Risk Re-duction's Future: Beyond Vulnerability and Re-silience (English)
  • Global Programmes

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