11.11.2018  Invitation 2018 European Risk Manager Survey webinar
25.09.2018  Press release: Risk manager finalists announced for European RiskManagement Awards 2018
23.09.2018  FERMA Newsletter N°83
31.07.2018  FERMA: Member Bulletin - July 2018
10.07.2018  Brexit: adaptability and anticipation prevails as uncertainty remains
21.04.2018  Registration now open for #fermaseminar 2018
04.03.2018  FERMA calls for more access to actionable climate-related risk data for companies in EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate-Change
06.02.2018  FERMA and Commercial Risk Europe announce 2018 European Risk Management Awards
31.01.2018  Meeting of the Organizing Committee for the preparation of the anniversary forum RusRisk
31.01.2018  There is a set of risk managers on a spring session of certification
28.11.2017  RusRisk Annual Meeting
28.11.2017  Congratulations to our colleague Elokhin Andrey Nikolaevich
28.11.2017  Excellence in Risk Management Awards 2017 The Winners
28.11.2017  About results of the Forum of the European risk managers of FERMA
02.11.2017  Russian student’s report from FERMA Forum-2017
12.06.2017  FERMA Newsletter N°77
14.12.2016  FERMA Newsletter N°74
05.10.2016  Press Release: 18 risk managers receive first rimap® examination certification
05.10.2016  FERMA Press Release: Risk managers are developing strategic role and wider view of risks, survey finds
12.07.2016  FERMA Newsletter N°72
28.05.2016  FERMA Newsletter N°71
19.03.2016  WARNING!
16.01.2016  Press Release FERMA
10.10.2015  To Forum FERMA results in Venice
01.10.2015  FERMA Newsletter N°67
17.09.2015  Press Release: FERMA announces its new executive committee ahead of 2015 Risk Management Forum
17.09.2015  FERMA Risk Management Forum 2015
31.07.2015  FERMA Newsletter N°66
26.06.2015  FERMA Risk Management Forum 2015 - Early bird registration fees postponed
20.06.2015  FERMA Risk Management Forum 2015 - Latest news
08.06.2015  FERMA Newsletter N°65
08.04.2015  FERMA Newsletter N°64
15.03.2015  FERMA Press Release: New appointment for FERMA President Julia Graham
03.03.2015  BMI Research - 10 hidden risks to the global economy
11.02.2015  FERMA announces with great sadness the death of Secretary General Edwin V. Meyer
08.02.2015   FERMA Newsletter N°63
28.12.2014  Willis (CIS) again became a general partner of RRMS Forum
17.12.2014  National council under the President of Russian Federation confirmed a professional standard of RRMS
16.12.2014  16.12. 2014 in Moscow the Second professional bank conference dedicated to the bank scoring took place
06.12.2014  5th annual conference the "Insurance broker is a basic link of insurance market
05.12.2014  New Book: Reputational Risk Management in Financial Institutions - out now
05.12.2014  FERMA Newsletter N°62
29.11.2014  An agreement of collaboration with Association of professional insurance brokers is signed
18.11.2014  RRMS Supervisory Board and Board meeting
04.11.2014  Press Release: Climate scientist tells risk managers - don't treat climate change as "Doomsday"
01.10.2014  FERMA Newsletter N°61
03.08.2014  FERMA Newsletter N°60
15.07.2014  FERMA Press Release: FERMA agrees plan for European certification of risk manager
24.05.2014  FERMA Newsletter N°59
17.04.2014  FERMA Press Release : FERMA Benchmarking Survey 2014 starts Tuesday in Russia and 19 other European countries