FERMA Newsletter N°46




Newsletter N°46

          March 2012


Be part of the most significant European risk management survey! 

How important is it for you to be part of the most significant report on European risk management today? This is the question FERMA is asking European risk professionals ahead of the launch of the 2012 risk management benchmarking survey on 16 April. 


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Seminar programme is taking shape

A committee under Vice President Michel Dennery is now putting the programme for the 2012 FERMA Seminar in place. 

The programme will have three streams: risk management in the European Union, enterprise risk management and from insurance to assurance, which fit with the three sections of the benchmarking survey.  


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FERMA welcomes its newest member: Luxembourg

Professionals in Risk Management, or PRiM for short, the Luxembourg risk management association, is the newest member of FERMA, bringing the total membership to 22 associations from 20 countries. The FERMA board approved PRiM's application on 29 February. 


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A FERMA voice on ISO implementation

FERMA has received liaison status to the international group which is in the process of producing a practical guide to the implementation of the ISO 31000 risk management standard. Vice President Julia Graham is FERMA's representative and can make proposals and comment on preliminary reports and drafts of the new document, which will be ISO 31004. 


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European News

President meets the Commission

FERMA President Jorge Luzzi held his first meeting with Karel van Hulle, Head of the European Commission Insurance and Pensions Unit, in January to discuss insurance issues. FERMA is a recognised stakeholder and has one or two general meetings a year with the Commission. 


Things in common

A meeting between FERMA representatives, the European insurance association Insurance Europe and Lloyd's found a number of interests in common. FERMA President Jorge Luzzi, General Secretary Pierre Sonigo and Executive Manager Florence Bindelle took part in the discussions. 


Flood, storm, earthquake and drought

The European Commission has published a consultative paper on natural catastrophe risks in Europe: Risk relevance and Insurance Coverage in the EU. 


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