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Take part in the unique European survey on the Risk Management profession

FERMA, in partnership with PwC, and with the support its member associations launches the new edition of its survey on the Risk Management profession.
This survey will provide a better understanding of the evolving role, the stakes, and the activities of Risk Managers. Furthermore, it will help identifying their priorities, and will put these elements into perspective at European and national levels. The results will help you guide your future actions by using this survey as a comparison tool.

Take the survey and share your experience with us!


FERMA launches risk management tool for remote working

At the FERMA webinar "How to Assess you Risks & Opportunities related to Remote Work?" on 26th January 2022, FERMA unveiled its latest practical tool – a simplified guide to risk mapping for remote working.
The tool is a simple questionnaire, developed by a group of leading risk managers from major companies in Belgium, France, Italy and Sweden, that organisations of any size can use. It sets out a template of risks and opportunities linked to remote working divided into seven important categories: strategic, financial, security and safety, operational, regulatory and compliance and technological. 
Learn more about the tool on the FERMA website.
The webinar itself featured four experts from the risk management profession and a guest speaker from the European Commission, speacialising in remote work.
Watch the replay of the webinar


Position on Solvency II

FERMA shared with the European Commission its feedback on the proposed amendments to Solvency II via a position paper on 12 January. The position urged the Commission to treat captives automatically as low-risk profile undertakings. Furthermore, FERMA commented that captives provide European enterprises with an alternative form of risk transfer, which is crucial in the current hard insurance market conditions. On 26 January FERMA met virtually with the Insurance & Pensions unit of the European Commission to discuss the proposed amendments. The Commission explained that FERMA’s input will now be summarised and passed on to the co-legislators (the Council of the EU and European Parliament). The proposed amendments are being discussed at political level, which should in principle come to a conclusion by the end of the year.

French Presidency

FERMA published a thought-paper on the role of risk management in support of the goal of the French Presidency of the Council of the EU to further enhance Europe’s strategic autonomy and sovereignty on 21 January. France’s Presidency of the Council of the EU began on 1 January and continues until 30 June. The Presidency of the Council of the EU drives the agenda for the political discussions between the co-legislators (the others being the European Parliament and the European Commission). France will prioritise making progress on a selection of key areas such as the regulation of platforms, as well as on a carbon border adjustment mechanism. FERMA’s thought paper seeks to highlight to the French Presidency some specific areas where there could be more action, such as systemic risks, risk transfer, cyber risks and sustainability. FERMA will use the paper to launch discussions with policymakers on some key advocacy topics.


Exam sessions starting this February

In this time of evolving risks and fast paced changes, the need for a continuous and dynamic learning path is much needed.  FERMA Rimap certification is without a doubt a noticeable milestone and the exam sessions are starting this February. Exams will take place once a month from 10 AM to 12 AM CET.  Look at the 2022 calendar and apply now through our new platform by clicking here!

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