Assistance in improving the sustainability of the socio-economic development of the Russian economy through the risk management development.

Strategic goals

Development of the risk management theory and practice in solving a state and business problems. Coordination, support and assistance in solving a common concern issues of the professional specialists engaged in risk management, including training and professional development.

How the Association works

The strategy identifies four target groups that the Association will work with: 1. Employees of organizations performing duties in the field of risk management, insurance, investment and financial analysis. 2. Heads of departments are responsible for the development of integrated management system in organizations and implementing standards related to risk management. 3. Heads of organizations are interested in the development of risk-based management. 4. Students of higher and secondary educational institutions are interested to improve their knowledge in risk management sphere and to become a professional risk managers.

Achievement the goals and task performance in 2020-2022 years

The main goals approved for 2020-2022 are:
  • Risk management development in Russia as an essential element of corporate governance, a tool for improving economic efficiency and business stability in the modern digital economy;
  • Formation and maintenance of the risk management specialists’professional status. Popularization of risk manager profession;
  • Increasing the authority of Russian professional risk management community in Europe and in the world;
  • Integration of risk management into the corporate environment and practice of Russian organizations.
Basically, the goals set for the previous reporting period (2020-2022) were fulfilled:
  • in order to improve the professional level of risk managers, a number of seminars, round tables and other events were held;
  • the system of risk managers training and voluntary national certification was developed, 91 persons received certificates, including 7 MGIMO undergraduates for the first time;
  • the authority of the country's professional community in Europe and in the world was supported the regular participation (in context of a pandemic-remotely) of RUSRISK members in the FERMA seminars and conferences and other international and internationally recognized national associations of risk managers (IFRIMA, RIMS, PARIMA, etc.);
  • the risk management integration into the corporate environment and practice of Russian organizations was carried out through the professional activities of RusRisk members and various educational and marketing events, close cooperation with Rosstandart, the Bank of Russia, RSPP, CCI of the Russian Federation, the Russian Institute of Directors, the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, MGIMO MFA of Russia, Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov and other government agencies, business unions, public and professional organizations.
At the same time, there was no significant increase in the Association membership of the Association for various reasons. Due to the deterioration of the geopolitical situation and other pressure on Russia, contacts with European partners have been weakened.

The main objectives and areas of work for 2023-2025

The objectives of the Association for 2023-2025:

  1. Development of a dialogue with the state, with the assistance of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs to carry out the RusRisk’s accreditation by public authorities and to foster standards development.
  2. Development of a dialogue with enterprises, including organizing and promoting the RusRisk's participation in leading business communities, professional associations, international organizations, educational institutions of the country;
  3. Methodological development. To collect, generalize knowledge, systematize, adapt effective practices and innovative approaches in risk management for application in various industries. To disseminate methodological materials and knowledge among risk management professionals, to increase the level of professionalism of risk managers, including the practical skills of Association members in the field of prevention and effective response to the occurrence of natural and man-made emergencies (hereinafter referred to as emergencies) and their consequences.
  4. Promote the development of education in the field of risk management.
  5. To develop and popularize the occupation and certification of ARM RusRisk of risk management professionals.
  6. Marketing development of the Association.

Areas of Work for 2023-2025:

Objective №1 1.1. To continue the practice of Association members’participation in the activities of expert councils and committees at the Federal Property Management Agency, ISO, Rosstandart, RSPP, CCI of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Economic Development, Bank of Russia and other bodies promoting the implementation of risk management standards in public administration practice and at public sector enterprises, the real sector of the economy;
1.2. To build a relationships and exchange experience, as well as to conduct joint seminars and practical events with the Russian Union of Rescuers (ROSSOYUZSPAS) in the field of increasing the readiness of the professional community of risk managers to respond to natural and man-made emergencies and eliminate the consequences, as well as countering terrorist threats;
1.3. To popularize and disseminate knowledge in the field of risk management through the participation of RusRisk’ representatives in public events in the field of life safety and safety culture under the auspices of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia and its subordinate organizations, followed by the materials publication on the information resources of RUSRISK, its partners and members of the Association;
1.4. To develop and to approve national state standards in the field of risk management within the framework of the Technical Committee 010 Risk Management at Rosstandart.

Objective №2 2.1. To create and to develop centers of competence for risk management in co-operation with other professional market participants for the constant of experience exchange and the formation of a knowledge base supplemented by best practices and current trends in risk management, including professional communities of financial market participants (NFA, NAUFOR, ADB), the insurance market (BCC, APSB), business communities of a "broad profile" (RSPP, CCI of the Russian Federation, Delovaya Rossiya, OPORA, etc.).
2.2. On a regular basis, jointly with Rosstandart, state authorities, line ministries and departments, leading universities (including on the periphery), to conduct seminars, panel discussions on the issues of implementing best practices and methodology for developing risk management systems, taking into account the industry specifics of economic entities;
2.3. To continue the regular series of seminars "Topical issues of insurance protection of large industrial companies" in cooperation with MGIMO of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia and Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Objective №3
3.1. To develop the practice of assessing the risk management system not only for the company, but also for a separate project / program, directions of development /regulation in the field of state/public administration. To form databases of risk indicators and the actual implementation of risks by enterprises, industries, territories to justify discount rates, build ratings, and form regional clusters based on investment risk indicators.
3.2. To develop the cooperation with professional market participants – consulting companies. RusRisk's role is to provide industry experts– risk managers and conduct joint events.
3.3. To develop relations with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Labor on the expert assessment of professional standards, on the basis of which educational standards are developed and new professions are formed, tasks and functional responsibilities for each profession are defined.
3.4. To develop, publish and discuss with a wide range of participants in various forms methodological materials on general issues of risk management practice, as well as highly specialized industry reviews or the study of specific topics on individual risks (typical approaches to conducting surveys, working with big data, soft skills, management psychology, separation between internal audit – internal control – risk management, approaches to the inclusion of risk management elements in KPIs, some standard solutions, best practices, new trends in risks and risk management).
3.5. To prepare industry and thematic reviews (including online methods) on risk management and other relevant related topics in Russia and abroad.
3.6. To regularly publish materials on the principles, usefulness and importance of risk management in leading business publications and on online platforms.
3.7. To organize purposeful work on certification under the auspices of RusRisk of all significant professional communities and the largest companies in the field of risk management and related areas (internal control, internal audit, crisis management, etc.) operating in Russia and the CIS;

Objective №4
4.1. To develop the job of risk managers through training and involvement in the activities of the ARM RusRisk Students and postgraduates of leading universities and business schools.
4.2. To develop joint training programs at universities - within the framework of long-term training programs and professional development programs.
4.3. To extend the experience of cooperation with scientific and student societies of MGIMO, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg State University of Railways of Emperor Alexander I, Vyatka State University to other universities;
4.4. To develop the activities of the "Workshop of a young risk manager” together with MGIMO, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, the Financial University;
4.5. To Enter a proposal to the Ministry of Education and Science (apply together with the RSPP, CCI of the Russian Federation) with a proposal to hold the annual Olympiad "The Best Risk taker" (the name can be discussed and clarified), the winners of which will have appropriate benefits for admission to universities.
4.6. To use the training manual of the ARM RusRisk "Organization’ Risk Management" on risk management and insurance and a video course of lectures\online training course to improve the professional qualifications of risk managers and to prepare for national voluntary certification.

Objective №5
5.1. To carry out the national voluntary certification of risk managers in accordance with the "RusRisk Voluntary Certification System in the field of risk management" entered in the Register of Rosstandart.
5.2. To perfect the work on preparation for the national certification of RusRisk, annually update training programs and tests.
5.3. To prepare in Russia for the European certification of FERMA-Rimap risk managers.
5.4. To develop the activities of the RusRisk Certification Center, transforming it into a key certification body for professionals in the field of risk management.

Objective №6
6.1. To update the symbols and the website and to promote the professional panel discussion "Risk Management in Russia" and the competition "The Best Risk Management in Russia" on social networks and mobile applications, to publish and to popularize books, articles, brochures, conduct special research.
6.2. Conduct webinars, distance learning on a regular basis and use other forms of information dissemination and association of professionals in the field of risk management through the digital space.