X International Professional Forum

RusRisk held the annual Risk management Forum and summed up the results of the Competition in risk management, passed on May 22-23, 2012, in Moscow, in the Metropol hotel.

Risks in frame of the world financial and economic crisis are a call for all: from the state authorities and business to each person. The professional organizations can't stand aside. The annual X International professional Forum «Risk management in Russia and the CIS» was devoted to discussion of problems in the risk management practice. Russian risk management society (RusRisk) with support of the RSPP, NFA, and well- known companies became the organizer of this action received a special attention from leading companies and financial institutions: JSC Insurance Broker Villis SNG, JSC INTERRAO EES, JSC Rosgosstrakh, JSC RusHydro, SK "Zurich", JSC SIBUR, JSC Chartis СIS, JSC PM SOFT.

In the address to the Forum participants the Chairman of the RusRisk Supervisory Board, the vice-president of RSPP Igor Yurgens noted an increasing interest of business community to risk management development and its introduction in daily business practice in Russia, and also RusRisk's activity on risk management community consolidation, officials and public bodies, working out the professional standard and specialty of risk manager, developing of the national risk management standards in various branches of economy.

The Forum’s program consisted form two conferences devoted to industrial risks and insurance (the 1st day) and risk management in the financial institutions (the 2nd day).

The great interest of participants was caused by Mr. I.Nikolayev's speach (FBK) devoted to analysis of macroeconomic risks in Russia in the current year and near future.

Speakers of the conference «Industrial risks and insurance» noted an increasing role of risk management in operating activities of the leading Russian companies, especially in terms of the world financial and economic crisis. Today it is impossible to find a large company in which risk management would treat with insufficient degree of gravity in Russia. This thought was traced practically in all performances, and first of all at the session devoted to questions of integration of risk management in business model at the industrial companies (moderator - Mr. N. Ivanov, from JSC Polyus).

Great interest caused the round table devoted to actual problems of industrial insurance (moderator - Mr.A. Elokhin, from JSC Lukoil). Representatives of the leading insurance and broker companies ( Mr.P. Sudoplatov from «Villis of the CIS», Mr.V. Timofeev from "Rosgosstrakh", Mr.D. Malyshev from SOGAZ, Mr. A. Artamonov from «Moscow Re» and others) discussed new tendencies and practices of the insurance protection of the industrial companies, its legislative base, experience of the international market of reinsurance of high-risk objects, and also problems of settlement of severe losses at insurance of risks in the industry.

The important and perspective tasks of the risk engineering practice in Russia was devoted the master class which has been carried out by representatives of the Zurich insurance company.

Realistic analysis of risks and threats to credit and financial system in Russia and first of all to banking system, and also realization prospect of provisions of the Basel agreement in our country Alexey Lobanov, deputy director of Bank regulation Department in the Bank of Russia and Oleg Ivanov, vice-president of the Association of Regional banks of Russia discussed at the Forum.

At the conference devoted to financial risks management, the most thorny and topical issues underwent detailed discussion: current trends in management of credit and market risks (the moderator of session - Mr. M. Pomazanov, form the Zenith Bank), risks of a project financing (the moderator of panel discussion - Mr. V. Gamza, from the National association of credit brokers and financial advisers), stress testing in a control system of risks (the moderator of a round table - Mr. S. Zamkovoy, from NOMOS-bank).

As a whole speakers and participants of the Forum confirmed importance of expansion of risk management approach from local scale to national, adjustments of interaction of the state structures. In accordance with this one of Rusrisk's main task is to collect an experience and knowledge of professional risk managers working in the industry, financial and insurance sectors of economy, their high-quality training and certification.

At the end of the Forum winners of the annual Competition «The best risk management in Russia and CIS» in nominations of complex risk management systems creation in the industrial companies, financial, credit and insurance companies were awarded. The best risk manager of year was recognized Mikhail Rogov from the JSC RusHydro.

Results of the Forum confirmed a growing interest of business community in Russia and CIS to practical use of world risk management experience, development of new approaches of overcoming a crisis situation in economy.