Forum «Risk-Management in Russia and the CIS: New standards»

24 —25th on May 2011 in the Moscow hotel "Мetropol" IX has International professional Forum «Risk-management in Russia and the CIS: new standards», organized by Russian Risk Management Society (RusRisk) has taken place.

This annual event is one of the main actions for professional’s risk-management, traditionally becoming a platform for exchange of opinions and fierce disputes.

The Forum has collected leading experts in industry, fuel and energy, insurance, telecommunication and consulting companies, Russian and international banks, professional national and international associations, the state structures.

Representatives of Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia, Rostehregulirovanija, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Russian union of industries an entrepreneurs, Open Society «Inter RAO UES », Open Society "LUKOIL", Open Society "SIBUR", Open Society "RusGidro", Open Society "Severstal", Open Company «Willis the CIS», Open Society «Mobile Telesystems», Open Society "Ingosstrah", Open Company "Rosgosstrakh", Open Society «the Capital Insurance», Joint-Stock Company "Alliance", Joint-Stock Company « March Risk Consulting», Joint-Stock Company "Polus", Open Society Bank VTB, Open Society "Rosbank", Bank "Zenith", IC "Russ-Invest", Open Society "Foreign trade and investment bank", NIU HSE, Financial university at the Government of the Russian Federation and many others have taken part in it.

The action program was extremely sated. As President of RusRisk Victor Vereshchagin said, last financial and economic crisis has put new questions before the theory and risk management practice in Russia and in the world. Some developed approaches and tools of management couldn't soften with risks crisis processes. For this reason development of new approaches to management of risks in industrial, financial and insurance sectors of economy became the forum main task. And this assumes formation of experience and knowledge of the professional risks-managers, adaptation of the world risk management standards and interaction adjustment between state structures and business on the basic questions of the analysis, an estimation and management of risks.

The first day of work of a representative assembly has been devoted industrial risks and insurance. Participants of a forum have discussed in details problems and development prospects of risk management during the post crisis period. One of key questions became practical application in the CIS new standard ISO 31000, and also the statement of the professional standard on a risk management. Besides, practical examples of risk management in new conditions have been considered.

Cyril Jakimishen, the vice-president of theOpen Company "Rosgosstrakh", has told that occurred on the market of corporate insurance during crisis and that has changed in insurance of risks after. First of all he indicated the general strengthening of concentration of a share of the insurance companies entering in TOP-10: in 2006 it made 38,8 % of the market, in 2010 — already 54,4 %. The burst crisis has caused reduction of budgets and refusal of insurance. There was a decrease the role of institute of risk management: number of risk-managers and surveys everywhere were reduced. Some companies have chosen other tactics, trying to achieve the maximum improvement of conditions at preservation of the old price. Insurers were divided into "conservatives" and "aggressors". Growth of frequency of insurance events and unprofitable growth has begun at the fixed or growing costs. For today the market hasn't returned to initial conditions. Nevertheless we can see budgets on insurance and risk management institute is given on before crisis positions, there is a movement from momentary benefit to long-term partnership. In the long term it is expected that law coming into force «About obligatory insurance of citizens to occupier's liability of dangerous object for a trespass as a result of failure on dangerous object » will lead to the further increase in concentration of the market and his transition in «an intelligence phase».

Master class of projects’ risk management spent by representatives of «PMSOFT» company has shown various methodological aspects of risk management, interrelation of managerial processes by risks, model of uncertainty and analysis of scenarios of realization of the project.

Separate panel discussion has been devoted new international and national standards of risk management. Description, a scope, terms and definitions, interrelations between principles, an infrastructure and process of risk management became a subject of detailed analysis at the Forum. Ivan Zhuravel, from Scientific and technological Center «Informatica riska», Michael Rogov from Open Society "RusGidro", Nikolay Ivanov from Joint-Stock Company "Polus", Pavel Smolkov from Joint-Stock Company « March Risk Consulting», and others participants of the panel discussion in the performances have considered problems of introduction of GOST Р 31000 in the corporate environment and the state board, an order and terms of it statement, difficulties of transfer, and also have discussed value of acceptance of the professional standard for risk-manager specialization in Russia.

One of forum sessions has been devoted new calls for a risk management. The leader of session Valery Tarasov, from Open Company «Valtars Risk Management», has indicated that the list of events for last year spontaneous accidents and their scale are so great that force to reconsider former approaches. Today to estimate risk management in which basis elements of the nature and the human factor, only through insurance tools — actually to undersign for own powerlessness.

Alexey Ovsyannikov, from American Appraisal company, Michael Faleev, the president of the Russian scientific organization of the analysis of risks, and other participants of session have discussed modern industrial and ecological risks, questions of insurance of loss of profit in the conditions of global accidents, risk management possibility at emergency situations. And terrorism, water-power engineering experience in management and insurance of risks of accidents. Raphael Arutyunyan, from the Institute of safe development of nuclear engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences presented the system’s analysis of consequences of failures on NES and the preliminary analysis of failure on the nuclear power station «Fukushima-1».

On the roundtable discussion named «Technological risks of electric power industry and principles of insurance defense: problems of branches and decision ways» representatives of the Open Society «Inter RAO UES” Konstantin Zavizenov, Artem Kokosh, Evgenie Kalinin from the Open Society «Nuclear insurance broker», and other participants have discussed a control system of technological risks as a basis of development of branch, and also have considered principles of insurance upon breaks in manufacture from the point of view of branch and the insurance company. A position of the state concerning insurance in electric power industry Natalia Kovalenko from the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has presented.

Genuine interest was caused by the innovation of the forum which has taken place within the action of a blitz -Interview. The director of Institute of problems of globalization Michael Deljagin has answered the various and at the times unexpected questions of risk management professionals. He has told what will be with Russian economy after accession to WTO, what prospects of Belarus economy, what destiny the state corporations, how to estimate plans of gasification of all Europe at the expense of deliveries Russian gas, risk management for state top management - how much claimed and what risks has seen the power, having decided to create an united front. Answering a question on an estimation Global risks, such as risks of an economic inequality of the countries and risks of global failures managements, Michael Deljagin has noticed that regards them as private displays of one big global economic crisis which is caused by two things. The first is a formation of global monopolies which rot, and it is impossible to solve this problem. And the second is a loss of the importance of bases of market relations. Shareholders in a mass order lose their control over top-managers. Value of money is lost, their place high technologies are replaced which is inalienable come. The paradox consists that simultaneously to it there is a braking the most technological progress.

The second day of a Forum has been devoted risks management at financial institutions of Russia and the CIS and to search an answer to a question, whether crisis is met. About real risks and financial threats of all banks the first vice-president of Association of Regional banks of Russia Alexander Handruev and assistant to general director РА "Expert-Ra" Pavel Samiev spoke at conference.

This year competition “The best risk management in Russia and CIS.

In a nomination «Construction of complex systems of a risk management of the industrial enterprises»
winners became - the Open Society «New Lipetsk metallurgical industrial complex» — for working out of the complex program of risk management (integrated risks management) and main expert of Department of internal audit of the Open Company "SIBUR" Belousov Sergey — for competitive work «Development of internal communications in the field of risks management with use of a multipurpose control system TeamMate”(innovative use of IT)». The best research works had been recognized - «Working out of a technique of an estimation of the rights of the requirement under credit agreements of banks», projects’ directors of Joint-Stock Company VTB’s Debt center Lepeshkina Marina and general director of Joint-Stock Company "Euroexpert" Sinogejkina Ekaterina, and also « Advanced approach to management of credit risk in bank» Pomazanov Michael, the deputy chief of credit risks department of the Open Society Bank "Zenith". The best risk-manager of Russia had been recognized Igor Mihajlov — the chief of risk management department of Open Society "MTS". Solozhentseva E. and Karasev V. from the Institute of problems manufacturing of the Russian Academy of Sciences wrote an article «IT-technologies for counteraction to bribes and corruption», published in magazine «Problems of the analysis of risk», volume 7, 2010, № 2 became the best publication in the field of a risk management.