16.12. 2014 in Moscow the Second professional bank conference dedicated to the bank scoring took place


The Second professional bank conference took place on December, 16, 2014, in Moscow. The major subject of the meeting was bank scoring: "Bank Scoring. Technologies. Practices. Innovations"

Ten top themes of the conference were:

  • 1. Unique study is undertaken especially for the conference 2014: “The Influence of household members’ credit history on the prognosis of borrowers default. Comparative modelling of credit decisions”.
  • 2. Benchmarking report about scoring technologies aims: CRM, cross- sales and penalty of outstanding debt.
  • 3. Analytical lecture concerning new sources of data, as key point of the increasing quality of bank scoring.
  • 4. Innovative instruments and new sources of information for profile creation.
  • 5. Trends in processing of potential and operating clients data.
  • 6. New effective approach to risk management in modern economic terms.
  • 7. Questions of scoring application for the client portfolio management in conditions of decreasing credit rates.

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